Valentines 2022

Every year, I send out Valentine's to anyone who sign up because the idea of someone feeling unloved on "love day"... not on my watch! It's free but donations are always appreciated. If you'd like to be my Valentine this year, please sign up!


Big Feelings, Small Business

The Crybaby Club is a creative brand slash online store by artist Natalie Meagan of Memphis, Tennessee. Since 2016, she has been creating art as a way of making sense of all of life's weirdness and turning that art into products you can wear, hang, collect and enjoy.

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Hand Painted Planter Pot

As seen on TikTok :P

Made to order 4" terra cotta pots,
hand painted by me in small batches.


Make It Official

Become a card carrying member today! Each card comes with a mission statement, a blank for your name and an honorary tiny teardrop enamel pin.

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Our Motto

Sensitivity is a strength and boo to anyone who tells you otherwise. Don't worry though, we have plenty of gentle reminders and pick me ups in case you ever forget.

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  • My Favorite Podcasts

    I hope these help you feel more connected in a time of social distance.

  • Welcome to the Club

    So what is The Crybaby Club? Who is behind it? Where can I learn more? Right here.

  • Coloring Sheets

    Sometimes, you just need to color til your heart's content! I hope you enjoy these.

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