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Oops! Mystery Pin Pack

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Can't decide? Want a good deal and a way to kickstart your pin collection? 

This is the item for you. 

First things first... what's an Oops pin?
Sometimes when I order a batch of pins, there will be a few with minor imperfections. Things like bubbles in the enamel, scuffs on the metal and other things that can't even be seen unless you're really looking for it. 

So I have assembled a selection of 5 Oops pins (plus some other items like keychains, buttons, mirrors, etc.) into a fun little mystery package for you. 

If you have some requests, you are more than welcome to leave them in your order notes and if I am able to, I will try to meet your requests. ALSO if you are a Memphis resident or Memphis lover, I can include some of our city themed pieces too.