Frequently Asked Questions


Can you change/cancel my order?
So ok, here is the deal... I will try! So long as your order hasn’t been sent to our distributors for fulfillment, I should be able to cancel it. 

Oh, yeah buddy. A selection of the items offered on our storefront ship directly from a third party. That means that items like shirts, poster, mugs, etc. are shipped directly from a third party and not kept in house with me. 

Enamel pins, stickers, small art prints and things like that are stocked in house so if I haven't already shipped that out, I should be able to help you out.

Why is my order taking so long?
There could be several reasons for this.

  1. If you ordered something via preorder, that will naturally take longer because The Crybaby Club does not yet possess the items you have ordered. As soon as the items arrive, I will ship them out to you- same day- and you will get a shipment notification via email once that happens! 
  2. Also, thanks to COVID-19, there are many delays on many different areas of fulfillment, from my office to the printers, the suppliers and even the postal service. We are all doing our best though to get your items to you as fast as possible and would appreciate some grace during this time.
  3. Which is another thing to keep in mind... there is only one person running this entire thing. As much as I like to think that I and Amazon have a lot in common, we do not. I am one person doing the job of 10 and I appreciate your patience so much. 

If I have a question about an order, how can I best get in touch with you?
Email, email, email, friends. I often get people reaching out over Instagram for things like this and while I appreciate the energy, it is SO easy for me to lose track of your message in DMs. I have a much better handle on things if you email. You can do that
right here

I am looking for a product but can't seem to find it in your store. HELP!
This answer isn't as simple as some of the others, but usually the answer is easy to find. If you have a specific product you are looking for but don't see it in our shop, I MIGHT be able to make it specifically for you. This depends on a lot of factors but I always say that it never hurts to ask! I love when you guys get excited about my work and want it made into something special. I do this all the time for my friends and we're friends, right? Right! Just ask and we can discuss it. 

Why haven't you responded to my email?
Sometimes my life is hectic and this isn't an excuse, but an explanation. Please do not think I am purposefully and mindfully ignoring your emails. I am sorry for the delay in response and am doing my best, I promise. I also have a new little helper in this area of my business so we shouldn't have as many communication issues going forward. Don't be afraid to continue to email me though, like everyone, sometimes I need to be reminded. You are never annoying me, it is my job to help you and communicate with you. 

Do you have a store?
A brick and mortar shop? No. Although I think that would be really fun, it isn't feasible for me at this time. 

Can you gift wrap my order for me?
Yes! I offer gift wrapping services as an extra fee (but I promise it is worth it, I really go all out.) 

Do you offer bulk / large order discounts? What about wholesale? 
Yes I do! Please email me with the subject line "wholesale" and let us know what you are interested in, I will send over our catalog and will go from there! You can also shop my wholesale products on Bulletin

Do you offer local pick up?
I am working on figuring this out. There is currently no way for me to list "Local Pickup" as a shipping selection on the website, but I would be happy to do this for you.   

The Blog + The Podcast

How often do you post new content?
I am getting a rhythm with these two projects so as it stands right now, a new post hits the blog every Wednesday and a new episode of the podcast will be released every month. 

Do you allow guest spots on the blog?
A resounding YES! I love to have other voices, perspectives and stories on the blog and I love sharing my platform with you. We currently have several series that we invite people to take part in (more on that here) but if you have your own idea, let me know and we can discuss things further. Email me and let's connect. 

What about the podcast? Will you ever have guests on there? 
I absolutely want to do this. I am anxious about it just because I have never done it before but I really do plan to have people on as guests in the future. 

Do you sell ad space on the blog or the podcast? 
As far as the blog goes, I do not currently seek out sponsors or businesses for this at this time. However, I have in the past and would love to revisit this with you if you'd like to discuss it further, you already know what to do. :) 

The podcast however, I am always trying to find new partners to work with as far as adspace goes. Email me and let's discuss!

The Instagram

Can we do a trade? 
Yes! I do pin trades with people from time to time and they're always fun. Shoot me a message on Instagram and we can go from there! 

Will you be a part of my giveaway?
Maybe! I love a good giveaway as a way of getting some more engagement and connecting with fellow creators. DM me on Instagram and we can talk it out.

Will you give my brand a shoutout? 
I am sorry but no. I do not generally do shoutouts on my Instagram, even if they are on a paid basis. I have before, I probably will again, however I tend to save those moments for things/brands I actually use in my real life. Plus, I don't want my IG to turn into a super saturated "BUY THIS OMG" kind of space. There's nothing wrong with that, but my space is very important to me and I like to be selective with the things I speak about.


Do you offer content creation or freelance design services?
Yes I do and I love it. You can see more of my freelance work here

Can I repost one of your designs on my page? 
If you use the paper airplane feature on Instagram or the share feature on Facebook, then yes but the real answer is not unless you pay me. This seems cold, I'm sure and I hope you know this isn't for lack of caring. It means a lot to me that you want to share my art, that you connected to it in some way, etc. It really does. However, this is my job. This is how I make money. Posting my art as an advertisement for your business is the quickest way to tell me that you do not respect the work that I do. I work very hard on the designs you see here. A lot of time and energy is spent on each piece. I would be happy to let you use a design if you'd be willing to pay for it. I'd be happy to talk more about this with you, just reach out. For further assistance on this topic, I made a flowchart

Where else can I shop your designs? 
Yes! Online, I sell via Redbubble, Society6, Witchsy and an Etsy.

I am also a featured artist on Self-Care Station  

In the real world, you can shop a selection of my products in Memphis at The Cooper Young Gallery,  Nine01 Five04 and Novel. and DNA Galleries in Oklahoma City.