BLM 2 (digital download)

BLM 2 (digital download)

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In order to be able to do and donate more for BIPOC and the Black Lives Matter movement, I humbly offer you my art and lettering of a few phrases.

In this bundle, you will get:
-"Being offended or uncomfortable is not the same as being oppressed"
-"United not Divided"
-"Your silence is really loud"
-"Black Lives Matter"

4 digital downloads and you are free to use them as you wish.
Make a sticker, print a sign for a protest, pop them on your phone background, send them to your friends, etc.
They belong to you as much as they ever did me.

If you purchase this and do not see a specific design/color scheme you were hoping for OR you want a custom phrase/design...LET ME KNOW. I would be happy to help you out as my mental health and energy allow, but it can never hurt to ask.

Proceeds will be donated directly to causes supporting BLM.