Oops! Mystery Pin Pack

Oops! Mystery Pin Pack

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First of all...What is a Oops! pin?


Between you and I, when the factory send us our finished pins, they do a quality check to make sure all of the products are up to standards. The ones that don't make the cut are still sent to us, but are marked as "imperfect".

Sometimes this can be a noticeable issue like one of the letters is wonky, but other times, you can barely notice the imperfections and that is where the Oops! mystery pin pack comes in! 


Our loss is your gain!

Enjoy 5 Oops pins at a discounted price and get a jumpstart on your pin collection. 


All of these are randomly selected assortments and if supplies are available, you can request specific pins and I will try my best to send you what you asked for. 


Again, 5 pins with minor imperfections for $25!  Thats a pretty sweet deal if I do say so myself.