Ultimate Design Contest 2

I am a big believer in paying it forward and the "we rise by lifting others" mentality.
So I would like to personally invite artists, designers & creatives from all over the world
to enter into our Ultimate Design Contest 2018
for a chance to have your artwork transformed into limited edition products
for The Crybaby Club to sell in our online store!
Take a peak at some of last year's winners!

Bree Fouster's Kawaii Menstrual Cup  |  Corin Tschoepe's Ugh Feelings  | Mallory Strawn's Girl Gang

Enrica Mannari's Crybaby Tear  | Catherine Blubaugh's I'm Ok  | Sophie Gunter's Soft Cloud

It is so amazing to get to see how talented you are and what your brilliant minds can come up with. Hands down, this is one of my favorite things we do. I am excited to be offering this again, and I cannot wait any longer, so lets get started.


Any and all types of design and/or artist are welcome & encouraged to participate.
Do not psych yourself out thinking only digital media from established artists will be featured/selected. If your design is good, it is good, whether it is done digitally or not, and Natalie will help any way she can so don't worry.
Every designer starts somewhere, and this could be that place for you!
There is no set theme for designs because I don't want to hinder your creativity but just in case that is too much freedom, here are some themes I would like you to keep in mind while designing for us:
self-love, feminism, mental health, humor
To submit a design (or multiple designs) email your best image of the piece to thecrybabyclub@gmail.com with the subject line UDC2018 and send $5 per design here. The entrance fee is REQUIRED in order to be officially in the contest. You can include a little bit about the design or a backstory, but it isn't required, I just like to hear your inspiration :)
-The deadline for your work to be turned in is December 1, 2017.
I wanted to give you 3 weeks so you could take your time and work your magic.


Voting will span from December 2-23, so you have 3 weeks to get all your friends, family, and followers to cast their votes for your designs. That being said, I think I need to make one thing clear...THIS IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST! Along with all your friends voting, I will be selecting a panel of my peers whose input and opinions I value and admire, to help me decide. The panel voting will be a blind vote and all of these voting methods will be taken into account when the winners are selected. Voting will close on December 23 at midnight CST. WINNERS will be announced on January 1, 2018
and the products will hit the stores soon after that. 


Third place will have their design offered on a tee!
Second place will have their design made into stickers and a tee!
First place will have their design become an enamel pin, stickers and a tee!
just for being a part of the magic.


F I N E  P R I N T

You, the artist, maintain all rights to your design at all times. Upon entering the contest and paying the entrance fee, you are thereby granting The Crybaby Club with permission to use your artwork and to have it made into products to be sold in The Crybaby Club online store as an exclusive collaborative piece. You will be credited the entire time the products remain in the shop via a link in the item description linking to whatever page you choose. The Crybaby Club will pay for all items to be put into production, packaged, and shipped, so as a result, any revenue made from your items during their time in The Crybaby Club online store will remain with The Crybaby Club. You will receive 20 pieces of the final product made with your design to do with as you please, with the exclusion of t-shirts, in which you will receive 5.  Once your design sells out in The Crybaby Club online store, you are then again the sole owner and producer of that design. Should the design do so well, and Natalie want to continue selling it in the store, that can be discussed and arranged through a wholesale/consignment type arrangement. The Crybaby Club will not continue to use your design after the initial batch sells out without your permission. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at thecrybabyclub@gmail.com and we will help in any way we can. 


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