Tough And Tender: Volume Two

Guess what, Crybabies?!
The manuscript for Tough and Tender: Volume 2 is complete!
Over the next few weeks, we will be polishing it up
and finalizing everything so we can
send it over to the printers!

Here is a peek at the opening letter from our founder, Natalie.

Dearest You,

First of all, thank you for reading this work. Everyone involved is very excited about it, and when you purchase or read through Tough and Tender you are supporting not just a dream; but a bunch of dreams all over the world coming through and that is invaluable. So of course, I am grateful and so happy that you are here.

When I founded The Crybaby Club in January 2016, I had no idea where it would lead. I had no plan, no expectations, no idea at the reach I would attain, the community I would build and the message that would resonate with so many.

My ideas of being emotionally self-aware and unapologetic with your feelings combined with feminism, cute art and radical softness swept across the world, thanks to the wonder that is social media, and took me on this magical ride. A ride that led to a book! An anthology based off my initial idea, and carried out by lovely humans who believed in it and wanted to have a part in it.

This book is dedicated to them.

This book is dedicated to you..."

Natalie Meagan
Founder of The Crybaby Club


Can't wait to get your copy??
Need to know you'll have it in your hands
as soon as Alex & Nat do?

Not to worry.
You can buy the book now in pre-sales,
and get an extra $5 off
for buying before the publication date.



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