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Hello, everyone who reads this blog/newsletter, and those who just happened to stray upon this post.


My name is Rhea “Alex” Smith. I have had the great luxury of knowing Natalie Meagan for about two, three years now. She doesn’t know I’m going to post this.
I’m going to cut to the chase first, and then explain myself afterwards.
Natalie needs our help. She needs your help. She is a strong, caring woman who is raising two children to the best of her abilities - and right now, her son is in need. In order to provide him with the best chance at his future, Jack needs to address his behavioral issues and to do that she found a program for him to help with his mental health. The problem is, she needs at least $5000 to do it.
She started a go-fund-me on Jack’s behalf, and while it is progressing slowly, I am afraid she will not reach her goal simply because people do not know about it.
So what I ask of you is this: If you have benefited from The Crybaby Club, Venus Envy, or from any other endeavor Natalie has pursued - please find it within you to donate if possible. If you are incapable of donating, that is completely understandable and I would just ask that you share the link to her GoFundMe campaign.
The Crybaby Club started years ago, as the brainchild of Natalie Meagan. She had maybe two thousand followers on Instagram and had not yet started the Facebook group. I had friends I had met via her instagram comments, as well as friends who wanted to join the club, so I figured a platform for us to speak to each other more consistently would be beneficial - I suggested to her that she make a Facebook support group. Evidently, I was not the only one who thought of this idea, so she finally put it together. Now the group has around 700 members and it continues to grow every day.
Throughout my time in the club and as a part of the group, Natalie and myself have constantly advocated for self-care and for the destigmatization of mental health issues. The group got me through a horrible, toxic break-up and has helped me through some of my lowest lows. I constantly try to return the favor every time I see a post in kind. If, like me, you are a member of the group: Try to imagine for me, if you will, where you would be without the group. If you’re like me, you’d be at a loss for friends and trying to find people who understand your emotional sensitivity as well.
Because of this, it is so, so crucial that Natalie’s own son gets the same chance at mental wellness as the rest of us. It is because of this that I ask you, from the bottom of my heart, to consider donating to her cause. If you donate $50 or more, screenshot it and send it to thecrybabyclubblog@gmail.com and I will personally send you a thank you care package. It is that important to me, to the club, that we reach this goal.
If you have also benefited from The Crybaby Club, please also consider sending your story to thecrybabyclubblog@gmail.com as well and let me know if I can share it on the blog (if not, no worries - your words will only be read by myself and Natalie).

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