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February Crybaby Of The Month:
Suzanna Valentine Moore

Hey Crybabies!

This month we're bringing back an old classic - Crybaby of the Month! February is often spent showing your affection and caring towards the ones you love. This month, however, one crybaby has focused on something we all need more of - self care. With that in mind, I'm excited to introduce all of you to the wonderful Suzanna Moore.

Q: Hey Suzanna! How would you describe this month in one word?

A: Oh, that’s always a fun question. I think the word that sums up this February for me is challenging. February is a month in flux; Spring is close enough to taste, but I’m still shrouded in wintry blues. My SAD comes in like clockwork but, thankfully, it’s going out like a lamb.

Q: I can definitely feel that, but I'm glad to hear that you're recuperating well! Before I delve into some deeper topics that you've touched on, let's get the introductory questions out of the way. Do you have any nicknames? What's your favorite colour?

A: Throughout my entire life, my close friends have called me Aunt Suz. I didn’t remember it being a lifelong nickname until looking through old birthday cards and finding one from the 5th grade with AUNT SUZ in big red letters. Since then, I’ve totally embraced it. As for my favorite color, I can’t decide! I can go from loving deep wine red to pastel minty green to bright electric blue in a day. Today, I’m feeling cobalt blue.

Q: That’s quite the nickname, curious how that started! Alright, a bit more background information. How did you find the Crybaby Club? How long have you been a member? What’s your favorite aspect about the club, and your favorite piece of merch?

A: I think I first found the Crybaby Club when I went down the enamel pin rabbit-hole. I became a member in fall of 2016 - coincidentally around the time that I moved halfway across the country.  It was also around the time I started embracing myself and my feminism quite a bit. When I found the Crybabies, I was beside myself. How did I get so lucky to find a support system, a badass group of makers, and inspiring artists all at once? Gosh, my favorite piece of merch has to be my galaxy sparkle Crybaby Motto Pin. I keep it on my favorite pen case my sister gave me; it’s with me every day.

Q: Love it. And we're so glad to have you! When was the last time you cried? Why? Was it happy, sad? Scared?

A: I was having a tea date with a friend (we don’t drink coffee) and it was incredibly cathartic. We talked for over three hours about all sorts of things. My eyes filled up when I esssentially told her how grateful I was for our friendship, and that we felt kindred.

Q: Now, the key question in every interview; what kind of Crybaby are you? Do you sob? Wail? Or are you a silent crybaby like myself?

A: It depends. When I really let it out, I sob loudly. My whole body shakes, snot starts pouring, the works. A lot of times, I cry when I’m overwhelmed with emotion, not necessarily sadness. If I’m really angry or frustrated, my eyes will well up and my voice cracks. I’m definitely the style of Crybaby where once I start, it’s nearly impossible to get me to stop until I’ve let it all out.

Q: You mentioned before that you have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) - I know that as a result of this you’re quite the active self-care advocate. How do you find yourself advocating for self-care in others?

A: Yes! I’ve been affected by SAD, depression, anxiety, OCD, BFRBs (body-focused repetitive behaviors) and a slew of other challenges my entire life. I learned at a very young age that I needed to be my own advocate and nurture myself if I was going to make it. After overcoming some serious hurdles and gaining confidence, I started being really vocal about my issues. It felt so strange shouting into the internet void “Hi! I have PTSD and chronic illness!”, but it somehow helped. In the past five years, I started a business called Little Pearl Naturals - making lip balms, soothing skin salves, and bath salts. I didn’t realize until years into my business that it tied in so well with my experiences and penchant for self care. When I’m not actively posting about my products, I’m advocating for whole body wellness and sharing articles and resources that have helped me.

Q: Ah right, you’ve got your own business! How is it being a crybaby and a #girlboss all at once?

A: It’s incredibly fulfilling. And daunting. And overwhelming. And exhausting. And I absolutely love it. I’ve always been that one friend who is the caretaker (hence my nickname). I’m the friend who brings a first aid kit and extra everything when I go camping with friends. I was on the board of directors of a music festival near St. Louis for the past few years and every year, I brought enough vegan food to feed every attendee. Nurturing others brings me joy. So when I started crafting my own lip balm recipes and experimenting with coconut milk and shea butter baths, it was instantly a labor of love. I realized I wanted to create products for people who don’t always feel comfortable in their own skin, and that’s when it all started to fall into place. Being a self-care advocate is almost more of a priority for me than the actual products I sell, because I also believe self care isn’t luxury items and “Treat Yo’Self” days (but bless you, Donna Meagle). Self care shouldn’t be commodified. So that’s a huge part of my life as a Crybaby and a #girlboss, making sure that resources and support are available to all, not just the privileged and neurotypical.


Q: That's so refreshing to hear - especially from a store owner. It can't help sales to say you shouldn't commodify self care, but the truth and honesty behind it is so rare! So before we wrap up, one last quick question - Do you have any advice for new crybabies? How would you suggest they get started?

A: First of all, I love welcoming new Crybabies. If you’re reading this, I’m so glad you found us! If you’ve ever felt shy or alone in your Crybabydom... I assure you, you aren’t alone. I got started by engaging with others on the Facebook group and sending out #HappyMail to other members. If you do feel shy, that’s okay! The blog has lots of great articles and the club gives you many ways to get to know us. One piece of advice I always give on my Instagram is to be patient with yourself. Giving yourself space can give you the opportunity to breathe, learn, and grow.

You can find
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