Candygrams Valentine's Day

Hey babes! Hope you had a fabulous February 14th, no matter how you spent it. 

That said, some of us single-folk can't help but feel a little left out when everyone and their grandmother is receiving cards and heartfelt secret admirer notes. Call us hopeless romantics, but it's a good feeling to receive them.

That's why for the remainder of the month, Crybaby Candygrams will be for sale - for yourself, or for someone whose day you'd like to make a little more loving! (Dare I say - someones?)

Every Candygram will be handmade by the Crybaby Team to include at least:

  • One Classroom Style Valentine
  • Candy
  • A Customizable Handwritten Love Note
  • Stickers
  • Confetti

but is bound to have more goodies included. (See the first Candygram Alex is shipping out below!) Be sure to include any customization requests in your order and we will do our best to accommodate. (Especially important for those with dietary restrictions and/or sensitivity to caffeine!)

Crybaby Candygram Examples:

And if you didn't catch it above, spreading the love can save you in the long run! Get 5 Crybaby Candygrams for $20 (after shipping!) to be sent to whoever you want - and don't forget to include yourself, you deserve it. 


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