Welcome to The Crybaby Club

I am so glad you are here, and I hope you will stay a while. We have big plans for this little slice of the internet, and I hope you enjoy this first post, as it will act as a welcome, an introduction and an FAQ.
I wanna encourage you to introduce yourselves in the comments as well, and leave your website, profile, shop, blog links so we can link up. Community over everything y’all, welcome to the blog.
We is actually an overstatement..
This is currently a one woman show!
So when it comes to orders, social media, email blasts, website updates, giveaways, new products, emails, shipping, crying and other magical things…it is me, Natalie Meagan. I’m 30, a mother of 2, a creative, an empath, and I founded CB in 2016.
19225749_1894775287451577_7848470028864257746_nThis all started from the most genuine of places: a panic filled cry-fest. One day, as I watched other moms exchange business cards, I started feeling lonely, vulnerable and like I had nothing to offer as a human, I went home and cried. In my typical fashion, I jokingly yelled out in the middle of crying, “What would my business card even say?! Call me, I cry a lot!” Once I calmed down a bit, I kept smiling at that idea, and THEN I received a lovely package from Kayley Mills that included a “Forever Princess” card (that I still carry to this day) and I was like “OOH I should make myself a crybaby card” so I did. I shared it to my 300 or so followers on Instagram and 5 people wanted a card of their own, then 5 more, then 10, and The Crybaby Club was born.
The Club took off without me even having time to plan anything. I pumped out hundreds of hand cut and drawn membership cards to people all over the world. Having an affinity for crying and being proud of it was something that resonated with so many of you, and you really gave The Club life. If CB was an airplane, I was the pilot and you guys were the air moving us from the ground to the clouds. Letters from all over came in telling me how much the card meant to you, how the card made you feel stronger, how you gave it to your sister, your cousin, your mom, your friends. The whole thing took off because of you and I will never forget that.
14117911_1751559891773118_3480109258299871104_nThis Club is for you, it is for me, it is for anyone. If you are sensitive in nature, prone to crying easily or often, known to cry at game shows or cute animal videos on the internet, if you are struggling with mental illness, harboring a tender heart, have ever been called a crybaby or made to feel weak for it, or if you are just going through a hard time right now…CB is for you. I hope that through CB, I can encourage a more open narrative about things such as mental illness, crying, feminism, strength, innate sensitivity, community over competition, self love, and what makes us human. Everyone cries, some more than others, but it is a natural way of handling stress, emotions, tough times, etc. Shame shouldn’t should not be attached, so let’s change it up.
13907095_1745771795685261_7253414774353828641_nOur shop is full of cute, fun designs with powerful sentiment at the heart of them. I would say 90% of the designs are made by yours truly, but we also have featured artists and creatives that we showcase and collaborate with on occasion. Community, remember? I love using CB to help promote other small businesses and artists and paying it forward any way I can. You can check out our stuff and maybe get something cute for yourself or a tender-hearted friend right here!
So that is basically the whole story, I couldn’t possibly sum up everything in one blog post though but I tried! I’d love to hear about you now if you’re willing to share! Please tell me about you, how you found CB, the last time you cried, your favorite curse word, and how I can follow you and stay connected. I love meeting my crybabies.

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