Big Feelings, Small Business

The Crybaby Club is a creative brand slash online store by artist Natalie Meagan of Memphis, Tennessee. Since 2016, she has been creating art as a way of making sense of all of life's weirdness and turning that art into products you can wear, hang, collect and enjoy.

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Become a card carrying member today! Each card comes with a mission statement, a blank for your name and an honorary tiny teardrop enamel pin.

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Our Motto

Sensitivity is a strength and boo to anyone who tells you otherwise. Don't worry though, we have plenty of gentle reminders and pick me ups in case you ever forget.

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  • My Favorite Podcasts

    I hope these help you feel more connected in a time of social distance.

  • Welcome to the Club

    So what is The Crybaby Club? Who is behind it? Where can I learn more? Right here.

  • Coloring Sheets

    Sometimes, you just need to color til your heart's content! I hope you enjoy these.

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